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Separation Agreements and Divorce Orders


Guideline Support, Variation


Joint, Equal, or Unequal


Joint Family Venture


Homes, Cottages, Pensions, RRSP's, Businesses, Professional Practices, Foreign Property


Will Disputes, Unjust Enrichment, Breach of Duty, Dependant's Relief

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Family Law Lawyer - Howard J. Feldman Barrister and Solicitor

Hello, I’m Howard Feldman, a lawyer who practices in Family Law and Estates. I have a proven track record of helping people solve their legal problems. Working remotely, I provide my services in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and across Ontario.

I am a people person and I listen to you. I have appeared in Family Court, Estate Court, Superior Court, and the Court of Appeal. I have lectured to hundreds of lawyers at the Bar Admission Course and at Law Society and Bar Association seminars.

I have evaluated variation cases as a Dispute Resolution Officer of the Superior Court.

Together, we work as a team. Preparation is the key to resolution in court, direct negotiations, or mediation.

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Our work process

Proven Legal Process

We gather your information and documents, obtain disclosure, review your legal options, identify your goals and priorities, and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Our assessment of your case may change as we obtain disclosure, expert reports and analyze what the other side has sent us.

You may need a social worker, psychologist or the Children’s Lawyer as an independent resource in custody and access issues or an expert CBV accountant to value a business for property equalization or to do an income assessment for child and spousal support.

Identify your settlement range and look at a cost-benefit, risk-reward analysis. Settle when you can but fight when you must. Sometimes you have to fight to persuade the other side to make a fair deal.

Court Lawyer

Negotiation, Mediation or Court

Family law can be a difficult journey.  Let’s find the option that works best for you.

Negotiation may be the best way to reach a creative, cost-effective settlement that works best for you and your family.

I have done many mediations on Zoom. Choose an evaluative, take-charge mediator if your opponent is aggressive. Choose a harmonious mediator who can facilitate a deal if both sides are reasonable and if there is no power imbalance.  Zoom mediation gives you space to reduce the  power your spouse may have over you interpersonally and make it easier for you to reach your goals.

Our Courts have excellent judges working remotely on Zoom if you need judicial assistance. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused illness, pressure on families, challenges for children in their education, social disruption, business closures, loss of jobs, and strains on relationships.

It is important to maintain a calm approach, especially  if you and your spouse are living separate and apart in the same home,  juggling child care, trying to assist your children with school, and are under financial strain.


“Mine was a high conflict case persisting for some years on account of ongoing, complex issues. Howard Feldman’s legal expertise and excellence equipped him to lead the case through the highs and lows, ultimately, to success. His writing and argumentation are exceptional; he is knowledgeable, persevering, and has good judgment. Howard is the authentic advocate you want on your side.”


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